Southco Engineering Article Roundup


Did you know that Southco’s thought leaders are often featured in industry publications and online resources around the web? In case you missed it, we would like to share a few recent articles that showcase our diverse engineering and technology expertise and provide value to the markets we serve.

Check out the following stories in our Engineering Article Roundup to learn more about solutions for different industry applications and changing design needs.



1. Integrating Physical Security at the Rack Level Inside the Data Center

In this article by Steve Spatig, General Manager of Southco’s Electronic Access Solutions business, discusses the importance of extending the same level of physical security used to secure the data center building and perimeter to the cabinets that house confidential information.

According to Spatig: “Verifying credentials at the rack level can prevent costly data breaches and compliance penalties, especially for co-location centers housing many cabinets that store data for multiple organizations.”

2. Unmanned Equipment Presents New Design Challenges

Transportation Business Development Manager Bob Straka weighs in on the future of off-highway design in this editorial about evolving machine intelligence and unmanned vehicles, and the components necessary to meet these challenges.

“Advancing machine intelligence and an increase in electronics and onboard computers will change the way operators interact with equipment on construction sites. By incorporating rugged, cost-effective mechanical and electronic access components into off-highway equipment, design engineers can accommodate advancing technologies while meeting the functional demands of rugged, off-highway environments,” said Straka.

3. Physically Securing Medical Equipment with Electronic Access Control

In this guest blog, Steve Spatig explains how when combined, electronic locks and access control devices provide a digital record of activity that can be used to demonstrate compliance with health care regulations protecting confidential patient information.

“Health care IT managers can avoid costly penalties, improve security and better prepare for impending HIPAA audits by integrating intelligent electronic access solutions into the equipment that stores confidential patient data, such as server racks and wall mounted charting stations,” said Spatig.

4. Next Generation Security: Advanced Electronic Access in Off-Highway Equipment

Bob Straka talks more about the advantages of using electronic access solutions to secure off-highway equipment and heavy machinery on and off the job site in this article, which also discusses how trends in the Automotive industry continue to influence off-highway design applications.

According to Straka: “With progressive designs and upgraded features, newer heavy-duty equipment models not only allow for longer runtime and improved productivity, they also contain expensive sub-systems and components that make these machines highly sought after targets for theft. Because equipment is generally stored on site during a job, security can be a challenge for the equipment owner, who often relies on traditional lock-and-key mechanisms to secure the fleet.”

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