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3 Ways Electronic Access Control Can Improve Data Center Security in 2014


With 2014 fast approaching, updating data center security systems for the new year is a key concern. The increased level of enforcement of U.S. data protection regulations in 2014 (HIPAA and PCI DSS, for example) has many IT professionals turning to increased physical security measures to protect confidential data. These measures include remotely monitored and controlled electronic access solutions (EAS) at the rack level.

Intelligent locking mechanisms help to secure important data and are an effective solution for upgrading the security of existing cabinets. Combined with an appropriate access control device, electronic locks can be easily networked into the overall datacenter security system to provide remote access control and monitoring down to the rack level.

Incorporating electronic access solutions into cabinet designs offers a variety of benefits to the data center:

1. Rack level EAS eliminates physical key management issues. With an electronic access system in place, electronic credentials can be easily added or removed from the authorized access list, eliminating key distribution. Updates can easily be made from a single remote location.

H3-EM Electronic Locking Swinghandles

2. Cabinet level electronic locking systems integrate with existing systems. Electronic locks at the cabinet level can be linked to networked access control and data center infrastructure management (DCIMs) to provide remote monitoring and control of physical access to the equipment that store and processes sensitive data.

3. Rack level EAS provides audit trail capabilities. EAS reporting can provide useful data during a security breach, such as which credential was used to activate the electronic lock, time and duration of the event, and if access was activated electronically or mechanically.

To learn more about how Electronic Access Solutions can improve security, visit Southco’s Electronic Access Solutions Microsite.

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