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Introducing the Mini Plunger: Captive Hardware for Smaller Spaces

Southco Captive Hardware, 56 Mini Plunger
The 56 Mini is 25% smaller than the standard 56 series, and features the same reliable retractable pin design.

Southco has expanded its captive hardware line with the addition of a miniature plunger designed for use in limited space applications and minimum 0.8 mm thick panels. The new 56 Miniature Spring-Loaded Plunger enables quick-access fastening in tight spaces, and is available with an over-molded head that can be used to designate access through an array of standard and custom color options.

Similar to Southco’s standard 56 series, the 56 Mini offers simplified positioning of sliding components, simple installation and quick-release for easy removal. Press-in and flare-in styles and stay-open/non-stay-open options provide versatility for fastening and unfastening by hand when mounting doors, panels and other hardware components in applications where space is limited.

The newest addition to Southco’s captive hardware line is 25 percent smaller than the standard 56 series, and features the same reliable retractable pin design that permits simplified positioning of sliding components. An optional over-molded head allows engineers to easily designate access points or color code access to the requirements of the application.

Visit the Spring-Loaded Plungers product page to begin learning more about the benefits of Quick-Access hardware.

New Quarter-Turn Fastener Is ‘Captivating’

The DZUS® D5 Panel Line Quarter-Turn Fastener is one of the first fully captive quarter-turn assemblies available on the market today, and offers limitless design possibilities for a broad range of industry applications where quick-access is necessary. Designed with a flare-in stud assembly for quick access, The DZUS® D5 Panel Line Quarter-Turn Fastener

Reduce the Risk of PC Board Damage With Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

Southco is pleased to announce the introduction of its Surface Mount Technology (SMT) for Printed Circuit (PC) board assembly. This next generation fastening technique simplifies the installation of captive hardware to PC boards by eliminating additional mechanical assembly. The risk of damaging a high-value board when attaching captive hardware is a key

Our Miniature Captive Screw: Now Available in Color

Designating and identifying access points in applications is a colorful activity with Southco’s new 52 Miniature Over-Molded Captive Screw. The newest extension to our captive screw line features a plastic, over-molded screw head which is available in standard color options, as well as custom colors matched to customer specifications, product styling