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Video – Reduce Aircraft Weight in Interior Applications

Even the smallest elements make a significant impact when it comes to the functionality and fuel consumption of an aircraft. Incorporating lightweight components into interior


applications can improve usability, security and ergonomics, while reducing weight in overheard luggage bins, galley doors and seating headrests.

Recognizing that lightweight access hardware solutions enhance operation and influence passengers’ overall perceptions of airline quality, Southco has developed a short, three-minute video with SAE International that explains how to reduce application weight and enhance functionality with:

  • Dual Point latching systems that provide redundant latching
  • Positioning hinges that make lighter elements feel more substantial
  • Electronic Latches that allow remote control access and monitoring

To learn more about the impact that lightweight access hardware solutions can have on aircraft design, download our Lightweight Aerospace Solutions Video.

Lightweight Solutions for Improving Aircraft Interior Design

Modern aircraft designs incorporate lightweight composites and engineered alloys that not only reduce weight, but optimize aircraft speed and fuel consumption. Recognizing that “lightweighting” can contribute significantly to a reduction in fuel cost, OEMS are examining every aspect of the aircraft, from engine to body, as well as interior applicati

Ergonomic Center Console Design for Automotive Interiors

With changing design trends, Automotive design engineers are adapting their specifications to overcome a wide range of center console challenges such as vibration and noise issues, and overall functionality of the design. Ergonomics have also become a key focus of center console design as well, as consumer usability and operation expectations continue to

Design Guidelines for Automotive Headrest Positioning Applications

Many headrest assemblies available to automotive manufacturers in today’s market are limited in their flexibility and installation capabilities. Because end users desire headrests that are supportive and easy to maneuver, and automotive OEMs must control costs associated with production, design engineers often face challenges in balancing comfort and basic

Twice As Much Torque to Lift and Position Heavier Items with Ease

Southco’s new E6-600 Constant Torque Position Control Hinge features increased holding power and lightweight aluminum construction. The E6-600  Constant Torque Position Control Hinge allows the user to hold a door or panel securely at any desired angle, and delivers twice as much torque to support larger, heavier items. E6 class positioning hinges p

Positioning Hinge Selection in Medical Equipment Applications

Constant torque hinges use engineered friction systems to provide continuous resistance against motion. Southco’s line of constant torque hinges is ideal for applications where it is necessary to easily hold open and position doors and panels, such as wall charting stations, medical cabinets and diagnostic equipment with heavy lids. When opening a wall

Best Practices for Display Mounting Selection for Medical Equipment

For healthcare professionals working with medical equipment each day, such as diagnostic equipment and mobile carts with monitors attached, it is essential that arms or mounts support the display screen when it must remain stationary, yet be easy to move when repositioning is required. Southco’s constant torque positioning technology, which offers a

Considering the opening angle: Detent and torque hinges

Part 4 in a 10-part series on specifying hinges We have all been there: Trying to keep a door open with our foot, a shoe or something else we find lying around. Today’s applications increasingly require hands–free access (or a really patient friend who will hold the door for you). If this is the case with your application, consider using a hinge with

Off-highway interiors: Safety, comfort and convenience

Part 3 of a 3-part series on off-highway access components Anyone who has spent a long day in the cab of an off-highway vehicle knows the importance of comfort, convenience and safety. So it’s not surprising that Southco has developed our products for these vehicles with ergonomics as a top priority. Streamlined position control hinges allow for pr

Two Southco Products Named Golden Mousetrap Finalists

This week Design News announced its Annual Best New Products Awards finalists and winners. Two Southco products were named as finalists in the Fastening and Joining Category; The Electromechanical Swing Handle and the Dynamic Mounting Arm. Southco’s H3-EM Electronic Locking Swinghandle provides efficient electronic access security to datacenter cabine