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Compact Tilt and Swivel Display Mount Offers Robust Performance In a Small Package

AV-C20Southco’s AV-C20 Compact Tilt and Swivel Display Mount provides reliable tilt and swivel functionality for smaller, lighter displays. Integrated positioning technology provides precise control, allowing a display to be tilted at various angles with minimal operating effort.

The AV-C20 expands on Southco’s display mount offerings with a compact version designed for customers requiring tilt and swivel functionality. Precisely controlled operating efforts within the joints prevent drift in the display, allowing it to remain secure without the need for constant adjustment.

Dilettante-Wheel’ by Vidibiz PhotoGraphic, CC-BY-2.0
Dilettante-Wheel by Vidibiz PhotoGraphic CC-BY-2.0


Constructed of lightweight, corrosion-resistant materials, the rugged AV-C20 Compact Tilt and Swivel Display Mount is suitable for use indoors and out, and is compatible with a variety of devices, including tablets, in-vehicle GPS units and smaller man-machine interfaces (MMI).

The AV-C20 offers reliable and repeatable display positioning for customers looking to upgrade from lower performing solutions or fixed position displays. Once positioned, the display remains secure, without additional tightening, loosening or service, ensuring long-term use.

To learn more about Southco’s full line of display mounting solutions, visit our Display Mount product page.

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