Ten questions to ask when designing in a hinge

Part 10 in a 10-part series on specifying hinges

checklistWe spent the last several weeks discussing different factors for specifying hinges. After all, incorporating hinges early into designs helps keep costs down and options open. So here, for your reference, is a quick summary of questions to ask in the early stages of your application. They will save you time, money and maybe even a bit of frustration!

  1. How much load must the hinge withstand? Determine the size, weight, and center of gravity of the door.
  2. How do hinges fit in the overall design? Designing the hinge in early may allow use of an available hinge.
  3. How much space can you afford inside or outside the enclosure? This may help you decide between concealed and externally mounted hinges.
  4. How do you plan to mount or access the door? Door and frame configurations play a critical role!
  5. How far must the door open? Detent and friction hinges will keep a door open without secondary mechanical supports.
  6. Is removing the door a requirement? Lift-off hinges enable fast door removal.
  7. What specifications must the hinge and enclosure meet? Many hinges are certified to meet various industry standard specifications.
  8. How will the hinge be installed? Consider the manufacturing and installation process carefully.
  9. Do you need to meet specific material requirements? Think about environmental conditions the end product may face.
  10.  How large a role do aesthetics play in the design? Balance performance needs with style and appearance.

To learn more about any of these topics, please see the past weeks’ blog entries, which discuss each of these questions in greater detail. Or contact us personally. We’d love your feedback and questions.

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