Saving Time and Effort with Hand-Operated Cam and Compression Latches

enclosureWhen designing enclosures, incorporating cam or compression latches allow for quick and easy access to a door or panel. Depending on the needs of application, the need for fast access may take priority over the need for enhanced security. Choosing a cam or compression latch with a hand-operated head style for example, can make a difference not only in speed of access and functionality, but in operator usability as well.

A hand-operated latch provides quick access and eliminates the need for a handle. For instance, when using a latch with a T-Handle head style, users can turn the latch and pull open the door or panel in one motion, with one hand.

The T-Handle head style option provides easy operation for gloved hands.
The T-Handle head style option provides easy operation for gloved hands.


Hand-operated latches are a good fit for applications where the user wears gloves. Keys and tools can be difficult to operate with a gloved hand which forces the user to remove the glove, endangering their hand and possibly breaking safety protocol.

For additional safety, hand-operated latches can be installed with a cup-style mounting, which increases the latch’s grip range and makes it flush with the surface of the door or panel. A flush design helps prevent articles of clothing from getting caught on the latch during routine maintenance and eliminates any safety issues.



Southco’s line of cam and compression latches are available in a variety of hand-operable head styles that provide the speed, functionality and ease-of-use ideal for applications where quick access to an enclosure is required. Southco’s hand-operated latches can also be combined with locks for an additional layer of security if necessary.

To learn more about Southco’s hand-operated cam and compression latches, visit our Cam and Compression Latching page.

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