Electromechanical Latching Goes High(er) Tech

There is no question– electronic record keeping is now the norm. But as the technology has advanced, so too has the opportunity to exploit it. Fortunately, a unique partnership has Biometric Electronic Latchresulted in the industry’s first biometric-integrated latch for computer server racks. Southco has teamed with Digitus Biometrics to secure data right down to the rack level in datacenters.

The db ServerRack access control system marries Southco’s proven H3-EM Electronic Locking Swinghandle with a built-in, multi-stage fingerprint verification and access control system from Digitus Biometrics. It sounds very “CSI,” but it’s actually quite simple and very effective.

The access control unit connects directly to a datacenter’s network via an fingerprintordinary connector. User access to cabinets is then managed from a single desktop. No more keys, cards or PIN pads. And 100% accurate validation! Interfaced with a monitoring network, the system can remotely account for all rack activity, including who accessed it, when it was accessed and the duration. An audit trail has never been simpler. The new db ServerRack access control system includes all needed software and is easily and conveniently retrofitted into existing enclosures.

To view Southco’s entire line of Electronic Latches visit our new dedicated Electronic Access Solutions Mini-site and download a copy of our electronic latching guide.

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