Video: How to Improve Equipment Security With Electronic Access

EASvideoElectronic access is your key to the connected world. It combines physical security with electronic intelligence to protect valuable assets and information across a wide range of applications. In fact, electronic access is such a natural part of our daily lives that many of us don’t even realize we are using it.

Physical access to most buildings today is electronically controlled by swiping an RFID badge to gain entry. Once inside, restricted areas are typically secured with electronic access as well. However, in many cases, access control is not often extended beyond this point.

Why wouldn’t you also apply the same level of physical security to where it matters the most? Integrating electronic access at the equipment level can be a vital tool in the protection of valuable information and resources.

Why electronic access?

With over six billion connected devices in operation today, the world we live in is rapidly becoming more automated and digitally compatible. However, as technology continues to revolutionize how we interact with the world on a daily basis, it also opens the door to a new set of design challenges.

Electronic access solutions elevate equipment design to a new level by enhancing the user experience. Intelligent access control systems play a key role in providing complete electronic access down to the equipment level, beyond building access.

From innovative self-service equipment to user-friendly automotive interiors, electronic access solutions enhance security by:

  • Eliminating key management issues
  • Enhancing user convenience
  • Remotely monitoring access to equipment
  • Improving industrial design

How does it work?

A complete electronic access solution consists of an electronic lock with integrated intelligence, a user interface that provides a secure signal to open the lock and a system to remotely monitor and record lock status. Choosing the appropriate intelligent locking device is critical to overall operation, as the entire security system is dependent upon the lock’s function. But, with so many electronic access options available, where do you begin?

To learn more about how applying the same level of physical security used for building access at the equipment level can help protect valuable information and resources, watch our Electronic Access Solutions Video.

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  1. Combining physical access information with IT access management platform gives you an integrated view of the valuable resources your organization depends on. Doing this is not difficult, and extends the value of both physical and IT access control systems. This would tell you if unauthorized access to a sensitive location corresponds to a data breach.

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